Thursday, May 31, 2012

George Washington: First American Warrior of Spiritual

Many people (EVEN AMERICANS!) don't know about George Washington.

For example, did you have knowledge of George Washington and his zen spiritual warriorhood?

Did you know he constantly maintained his Chakras so that they worked for him rather than he they?

(Historical note: Chakras were not known as Chakras back then. They were known by the colloquial term, 'slaves.')

George Washington Paid Homage To His "Just Above Genitals" Chakra by Immortal Eternal Respect on Holy Currency Dollars. 

Each morning, at first rays of Spirit Sun-Light, George Washington took cleansing baths and was so strong of mind, he had his Chakras lather and scrub him. His teeth could no longer take his supreme Spiritual One-ness so they all fell out. His Chakras were so strong that they fashioned him a set of wooden teeth.

Mr. Washington, Zen Sun Ultra Master, was a great warrior of Mind, Spirit, Body, and Musket.

If you would like to become a Zen Sun Ultra Master first you must.

1. Whip your Chakras into shape
2. Chakras work for you, you cannot be spiritual slave to wants of Chakras
3. Wake in morning facing east
4. Slumber in night facing west
5. In between face North and South in rotation
6. Believe in Holy Sun Spirit Ray
7. Protect yourself from Chakra rebellion
8. Rich Dad, Poor Dad
9. Refuse refuse. Accept acceptance.
10. Cleanliness of mind is holiness of feet
11. This means, 'Walk tall but don't forget the trees."
12. Gaze in wonderment at the night sky
13. Eat healthy vegetables
14. Frozen is preferred to can

These are the tips that George Washington, Zen Sun Ultra Master, wrote down in secret letters to Chakra Labor Spirits. Letter has been passed down many generation to reach us and finally the Mr. Hara San's Magical Help Time Deluxe Edition.

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