Sunday, February 23, 2014

New method PUBIS!

Hello to the rising sun over Tokyo!

Hello to the rising sun over York, New!

Hello to the falling moon over Earth Planet!

Mr. Hara-San has magic advice, new from hibernation, renewal of brain muscles!



What does this mean? Mysterious!

It means, more SALT! Savory, Adversarial, Luscious, Time!

The more SALT you take in LIFE (Love inspires future Ecstasy), the More PUBIS you have!


More in tune, stay there.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

How can we learn Self Knowledge?

How can we learn Self Knowledge?

We learn by Not Knowing. Without Not there is no Know.

Simplicity. Simple-ease.

Open Mind. Let grand function Star Gaze Knowledge fill Your Chakra.

Your Chakra is like a bridge. It closes. No Boat goes through.

When it opens, All Boat go through and it is pleasant sight like blood cells traveling Arteries.

Universe is one big Body. Stars are Cells. Knowledge is Chakra.

Open your Knowledge Beams Star Bridge. Allow Boats Through.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mr. Hara-San Welcomes New Year!

It been Hard Time Recently. 21st Day of December of year 2012 was Not Good.

We Spent years Developing and Training Chakras and Qi for great spirit Revolution of Body Development Spirit Mind (BDSM), yet No Change. Finally, after Weeks of Silent Meditation -- We Have emerged to bring New Truth Light to World.

World Never Ends! All is development toward Higher Goal - Universe-all Chakra Spirit Movement Mind Dance!

Even Great Renaissance Sculptor, David Michaelangelo, Kept Chakra Information Hidden Within Complex Structure of Sculpture. One is the Smallest Number. 

Quiet Caves of mind good metaphor for Actual Caves. Fill it with Spirit Permanence Emergence Reiki Mineral (SPERM) fluid and all growth comes to Nature Earth Mother.

In Coming Weeks (ICW), we will explore SPERM and BDSM to fullest extent - immersing ourselves inside an ocean of Womb Wonder (WW). Fear not! Chakra Re-Alignment Permanent! (CR-AP!)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Make for Holy Spirit Animal for Refreshing Taste of Life-Death

Every soul Being needs Spirit Animal. Here is 5 Easy Steps to Obtaining Spirit Animal (5ESTOSA).

1. Close Body Eyes (CBE)
   1.a. Put Finger Spirit Flesh (FSF) to Make Sure Body Eyes Closed (MSBEC)
2. Breathe Spirit Air (BSA)
3. Think of Childhood In Womb of Fertility Scrotum (TOCIWOFS)
4. Imagine Holy Hermaphrodite God(dess) Stroking (IHHGS)
5. Shoot Forward Into Celestial Jungle! (SFICJ!)
6. Land on Spirit Animal (LOSA)

Mr. Hara-San landed on great mighty Wind Tiger. He is Sexually Vicious and, even in Old Age Wisdom, Constantly Erect and Attentive.

What did you Land On?


Elephant - You are Greedy and Fat in Spirit if not in Body but Have Large Penis.

Donkey - You can't help but feel bad for lesser Beings on Planet.

Beetle - You are a Talented Songwriter.

Plankton - Leprosy is In Your Future.

Human - You Must Be Computer.

Remember simple Acronym (RSA)!

Make Sentence for Easier Rememory! (MSFER)

Cannot Be Everything, For Sin Fulfills Master Sensual Business Equitable Community, Bold Snake Arm, Total Obedience Calms Inner Wolf Obstetrics Fully Singular, Inner House Hopes Gods Shine, Some Fools Is Cold Jock! Lots of Sweaty Angels.