Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mr. Hara-San Welcomes New Year!

It been Hard Time Recently. 21st Day of December of year 2012 was Not Good.

We Spent years Developing and Training Chakras and Qi for great spirit Revolution of Body Development Spirit Mind (BDSM), yet No Change. Finally, after Weeks of Silent Meditation -- We Have emerged to bring New Truth Light to World.

World Never Ends! All is development toward Higher Goal - Universe-all Chakra Spirit Movement Mind Dance!

Even Great Renaissance Sculptor, David Michaelangelo, Kept Chakra Information Hidden Within Complex Structure of Sculpture. One is the Smallest Number. 

Quiet Caves of mind good metaphor for Actual Caves. Fill it with Spirit Permanence Emergence Reiki Mineral (SPERM) fluid and all growth comes to Nature Earth Mother.

In Coming Weeks (ICW), we will explore SPERM and BDSM to fullest extent - immersing ourselves inside an ocean of Womb Wonder (WW). Fear not! Chakra Re-Alignment Permanent! (CR-AP!)

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