Sunday, May 27, 2012

Laptop Laying aLignment

Good Morning from the Land of the Rising Sunners!

Many a time have I heard the complaint, "Hara-san it's too uncomfortable to sit/lie comfortably with my laptop." I understand for I, too, have felt the pang of this earthly woe.

The wrists are cramped and turned inward, the neck/spine is slouched forward with no support, and most importantly the chakras left maligned.

I have dedicated much spiritual energy and computer Laptop time to find the most ergonomical position to restore ones ki and balance within oneself.  Countless hours and self meditation have led me nowhere until I found the results I had been looking for on one relaxing self-chakra aligning morning.

Searching the Internet very briefly, I found the truest representation of the most ergonomical position I could find. However, to be able to fully understand my method for the most ergonomical position, I will have to edit this photo. One moment please...

Spiritual meditation editing complete!  Please observe the most ergonomical position for Laptop users! 

On that relaxing self-chakra aligning morning to myself, I realized that my penis chakra flow was interrupting the ergonomics of my Laptop laying. I worked my penis chakra to find a position that would correct this disorder. I've found that removing the battery from the Laptop (please be sure to plug in your Laptop) not only allows for higher ergonomical standards, but for preservation of Laptop battery! 

Please notice how the tucking of the penis into the battery slot aligns the spine (head propped on wall for more support), corrects the wrist posture, and releases the rare 7th Gate of Heaven European Pedophilist Grin energy.  This man can not be helped by anymore of Hara-san's wisdom. Please go forth and enjoy your self-chakra alignment.

Now, I know you female viewers are wondering, "what about me?"  Well do not fret faithful viewers Mr. Hara-san considers all in his spiritual meditation. For the female viewers, I have found that this is the most ergonomical position for laptop laying:

Yes! Yes, the woman should not be attempt Laptop viewing without baby in womb.  Laptop laying without baby in womb does not promote good posture nor a healthy family lifestyle. A barren womb is a barren family. Please, heed my words!

Hara-san spiritual meditation complete!

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