Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Health Tip For Life Saving Techniques

Perhaps this road hump has not befallen all of us but for many, it occurs most times. Suddenly you must find way to hospital because your Chakras have fallen into spiritual rebellion. Maybe it gets so bad that you have body parts hanging by a thread. Chakra rebellion is preventable but that is of no import when your fingers are hanging by the sinew that constructs them. You must find a hospital.

Benefits of finding a hospital:
1) people will treat you with care
2) free drugs
3) don't bring your ID Identification Photo Card, care becomes free!
4) you become Freer Feeling

Using your Brain Phone, look for things that might be hospital. Homeless people congregate on their lawns.

Using your Smart Phone, don't search google for merely hospital. Search "hospital," "urgent care," "free drugs," and, "9-1-1."

Only when limbs are in construction rebellion is it desirable to go to evil Western medicine. They are capable of rebuilding your Body Temple whereas meditation is not. But you were a fool in past life! More meditation and spiritual Chakra alignment means your fingers will never fall off even if chainsaw befalls them! If you ever get into car crash and your limbs are strewn around, you know you must be practicing Mr. Hara San's Magical World of Help Time Deluxe Edition more in your life. Don't be a Spiritual Vagrant!

After evil Western physicians sew your fingers back on, you must return home to work on Chakra spiritual rebellion.

Take Cold Showers. Thrust into Anus. Put Laptop into Spiritual Alignment Happiness Position.

Continue reading for more healthy life tips for happiness features.

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