Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Welcome to Mr. Hara-San's Magical World of Help Time Deluxe Edition.

Within these pages of internet, we will describe many of life's common afflictions and propose (for use in your daily life) simple solutions and spiritual cleansing regimens for you and your loved ones to experience optimal growth in:

1) health
2) physical attractiveness
3) hearing
4) vibrational structures of earth, universe, and ocean
5) closeness to muscle groups
6) harmony
7) peacefulness
8) bath salts
9) herbal productivity
10) strength and spelling
11) and the infinite beyond of infinite possibilities

We will attain these goals by:

1) making internet page articles with hyperlinks to other useful URLs
2) making internet page articles with useful diagrams to help with the internet page article's usefulness
3) spelling and strength
4) harmony
5) proper numbering
5) closeness to muscle groups

We hope you enjoy our lovely internet website page database.

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