Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cold showers for weight loss and Better Spirit Life

Many in Great Country America (GCA) take hot showers. Luxury!

At what cost does hot showers make?

Hot showers:
a) refreshing feeling
b) fatigue
c) furnace fires
d) fat growth
e) sexual stimulant
f) all of the above

Many time, a cold shower is best for feeling refreshed. Try this,

Take 30 seconds cold shower, 30 seconds hot shower, and 30 seconds cold shower.

Make look happy all the time: Cold Spirit Energy Water Spirit Smile!

Cold showers:
a) refreshing better feeling
b) natural caffeine injects to face
c) no furnace fires
d) fat decay
e) sexual arousal no more
f) all of the above

Many times, you see arousing images - good for the Heart Spirit and "just above genitals" Chakra if one can make spiritual spit come from ones Sex Organ. However, not all times is this convenient. Many times, one must tell "just above genitals" Chakra, "Now the time is not good for spiritual spit juice. You must not be so aroused at this time." Turn on the cold water and "just above genitals" Chakra says back to you, "Okay. I feel good about Decision maker."

Not all times is Chakra right. Chakra must be aligned with Mind and Hand Spirit and Finger Spirits. Not all times do Mind/Hand/Finger Spirit agree so they must be silenced by cold showers.

You also lose weight which means More Joy for "just above genitals" Chakra in the future!

Make like Spirit Alignment and Smile like Spirit Man: Perfect Health.

Spiritual Harmony and Chakra alignment is the key!

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