Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rock Spirit Friend for Happier Deluxe Life and Fulfillment

Greetings from Mr. Hara San!

All too many times we walk through life Alone in Our Spirit Journey with no friend to turn to. When we do have friends and Spirit Pet Animals (Dogs, Cats, Lizards, Fish, Gerbil,), they disagree with our assertions and they die. Once again, you find yourself alone.

After their funeral, you Realize there is Nothing lasting in universe for spiritual one-ness in your journey for Fulfillment. You want to share life and concern with Spirit Companion but are unable.

As you walk your path of Spiritual Solitude, you trip and fall on Rock!

Bravo! You just found your Spiritual Companion Friend!

Rock Spirit Friend is Beneficial For you because:
1. Rock Spirit Friend fits in your fist. Walk him around!
2. Rock Spirit Friend doesn't disagree.
3. Rock Spirit Friend says exactly what you want him to.
4. Rock Spirit Friend doesn't cry when hit.
5. Rock Spirit Friend can sit neglected for days, weeks, months, years and still love to see you when you remember.
6. Rock Spirit Friend doesn't die.
C. Rock Spirit Friend can be large enough for Sexual Chakra Experimentation up Anus, Vaginal, or Testicular Pain therapy.
7. Rock Spirit Friend can be thrown far away and never tell your secrets.

Talk to your Rock Spirit Friend for daily meditation results of life happiness forever through time.

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