Friday, June 29, 2012

Qi definitions of Life, Love, Earth, Wind, & Fire

Qi is the source of all things. Qi is building stones of life and love and as such earth, wind, and fire. Fire make love to wind to make Earth. Earth is Divine-Life Bringer.

What don't you understand about Qi?

Stop being ignorant. Qi flow through body like blood on muscles. Flex muscles, feel blood come into head, Close Divine Seer Eyes, fall down, don't die.

Qi keeps you alive when you fall down. You don't die when you fall down every time.

Don't take Qi for granted. Large falls cause death. If Qi senses you are testing its capabilities (like Empire State Life Building, or Grand Soul Canyon, or Golden Gate Bridge of Harmony), Qi quits being life-bringer and let's your head skull crush and you bleed from Nose organ, coughing up blood and last remnants of Qi escape. You dead.

Don't let this unreadable scribbles make you sad. Put on Spirit Eyes. It all makes sense!

Qi energy emits bright colors when you take doses of Love, Sense, Dilation (LSD). What this means is you look at world and say, "LOVE!"

Next you sense love in world. Put your eyes toward Universal Sky Heaven and eyes dilate. This is one dose of LSD. Open spirit Eyes and see fuchsia, purple, red, green, blue, all bright colors of Universe Prism. This is Qi Energy Love Guide (QiELG).

Sometimes Qi is defined as Reiki. This is okay for Spirit Warriors (Such As Yourself [SAY]) if you are South of China. For Spirit Warriors SAY should say, "Many words, one concept, All Love!"

Qi has no scent. Chakras have scent. Sometimes Flatulence Energy escapes and your Nose Organ can't help but be delighted by such foul smells. This is Chakra claiming ownership over you. It repulses all other Humans except for yourself SAY.

Let Chakra harmony and Qi scentlessness make vibrational Structures of you mind rejoice!

Next Until Time! (NUT!)

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