Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spiritual Qi Quest for Fulfillment in Life and Death

In modern times, Qi is referred to simplistically as merely energy Force of Life-Body.

Qi is that, yes, but also Qi is much more than merely energy Force.

Even in Armless Man does the Spiritual Force of Qi exist as conveyed in above Graphical Image Representation of Things that cannot be Conveyed.

Qi hibernates in the central area of your body, just above genitals and anus, just below rib cage. Because of this accumulation of energy in one spot-- Chakras become jealous and try to push Qi out. Chakras and Qi must be in Total Unison Harmony in order to be True Center. 

Even in Man Whose Penis Disappears in Profile, Qi alignment is Key Element of Life Sustenance.

You may be armless and you may have Disappearing Profile Penis Syndrome (DPPS), but you have good alignment of Qi. Sexual activity never is fun in profile, irregardless. No need for Profile Penis, therefore!

To exercise your Qi, you must:
1. make Chewing Motion with your mouth. Preferably Bubble Gum does the job Best.
2. Think of clean thoughts like brand new car in driveway at least 15 minutes per day.
3. Read Music with no Sound once at least a week.
4. Drink Won (1) gallon of milk per day.
5. This causes you to be weight gainer and Qi becomes happy.
6. Stop looking sidelong into mirror. Penis won't appear (especially Females!)

Hopefully these steps make you happier with your Qi and quell silly rebellious Chakra disharmonies.

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