Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yoga is False All Idol but True Part All Idol

Yoga - many People Spirits flock to Yoga sheets on gym Hardwood floors. Believing they do that this Makes for True One Spirit. Yoga is False All Idol but True Part All Idol.

Man is Blue symbol-eyezing Sad he is. Tiger is Flat beneath him symbol-eyes out of Touch with Holy Nature Spirit. He only does Yoga. He needs do Achieve Spiritual One Spirit. He needs to Use All! Not Yoga Only! (NYO!)

Do Not use simply Yoga to Achieve Spiritual One Spirit. Use All! Chakra Alignment, Qi Fulfillment, Bread Eat Of, and Abdominal Work Out Achievement Plan (CAQFBEOAWOAP). Plus Yoga Some! (PYS).

Look, don't be Ignorant Flesh Being. Be True Spirit Plan. Yoga is good when stretching. It helps Chakras expand and not get Clogged up Causing Constipation (CUCC). Too much Yoga and not enough CAQFBEOAWOAP means that Chakra's rebel and take Over Your Body. Body Does Spiritual Mutiny (BDSM). You don't want BDSM; VERY BAD.

You don't want it very bad. You want it not at all. So get in shape! Do Yoga but drink Soy Milk and Almond Milk too! Do Yoga but Align your Chakras! Do Yoga but Fulfillment your Qi! Eat of Your Bread eat of! And do plenty of Abdominal Work Outs for Achievement PLanning! Don't be like Donkey Ass! Don't become victim of BDSM. Yoga is not good enough, Yoga PLUS CAQFBEOAWOAP is!

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