Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tap Into Unfiltered Spirit Chi Chakra Energy Simply!

Baby Flesh-Spirits have Oceans of untapped Chakra Reserves and Bountiful Chi Energy! What can You (Adult Flesh-Spirit) Do to Benefit From such things?

Baby Flesh-Spirit Go Around the Neck Necklace!

Chakra Energy Un Restrained Type

How to Make Baby Flesh-Spirit Necklace!

1. To make Baby Chakra Flesh-Spirit Necklace take 9 Months.

2. Shortcuts are an easy way to Get Baby Flesh-Spirit Quickly.

3. Go to Baby Factory Hospital Maternity Wing.

4. Point at Favorite and Take!


1. Kill Stork Feather Flesh-Spirit.

2. Eat Heart (Stork, not Baby) to respect its Feather Chakra and avoid Fecal Bird Excrement Revenge (FBER) from Soul Spirit Resurrected (SRS).

Baby Chakra Flesh-Spirit is delicate. Put in Freezer to keep it FRESH, HEALTHY, HOLY!

When Baby gets beyond 2 Years Orbital Age, leave at Fire Truck Station. Wear Black. 

Easy too much it is!

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