Monday, August 13, 2012

Daily Prayer Makes for Beard-Spirit-Strength Life!

Why must you sit cross legged on mountain top as sun rises in east and then settles in west before going to Space Universe?

Because! It Aligns All Things! This is what Christ People call "Prayer" and Buddha People call "Meditation" and Scientology People call "Paying." All things align in perfect Center-Square of Universe.

Universal Center-Square of the Universe looks scary but Much Fun!

But wait! What makes better?!

What does every Holy Perfection Person Possess? 

All Possess BEARD!

Abraham Lincoln: Zen Spirit Warrior for Universal Union and Oneness of All Country.

Jesus Christ: Magical Jewish Home Builder Who Cracks Wise and Live Twice!

Buddha Simpson: Tree Dweller, 100 year Nirvana Seer! 

Karl Marx: Born Wealthy, Sold Ideology To Poor, Dead Poor!

And Mr. Hara-San! Purveyor of All great Wisdom of All great Tradition!

A good beard on a Male Chakra Master conveys dominance over Bodily Growth. You say, "I shape you however I want! Beard must Grow! Grow Beard!" 

Weak Chakra Man has no beard, only Sparsely Decorated Pubic Minefield. Grow up Spiritually, idiot!

Put Chakra in place for Prayer. Conquer Qi (sometimes spelled Chee). Grow Beard and show mental Fortitude and Mastery of Love Nouns. 

Stop being Complacent. Stand up. Look at mirror. Stare into Eyes. Grow Beard. 

It's As Simple! (IAS!)

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